Youjuice Juice Cleanse

Day zero

I have been nourished by Anita’s food and juices for about a month now and am hooked! The 10 day relaxed cleanse ended up not stopping.

However, I am still struggling to lose weight which is getting me down. Being in a wheelchair and unable to exercise easily and regularly is extremely frustrating. The normal recommended calorie intake isn’t suitable for my level of inactivity.

I’m going back to hospital in under two weeks for a colostomy and surgical catheter operation and I really want to make the most of controlling my diet before that is taken away from me again for a while.

My life is in a much better place and after discussions with my doctor I have stopped antidepressants completely now which has certainly brought back a wider range of emotions (which is what I was ready and hoping for) but I’m finding it quite exhausting.

Anita isn’t concerned by my weight but wants me to feel good about myself and so tomorrow I begin a seven day juicing diet and I can’t wait! She delivered two day’s worth this evening and the fridge is full of goodness. Let the juicing begin!

I did down a sneaky L1 juice (cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, spinach, parsley, apple, lemon, broccoli and ginger) before bed – I couldn’t wait!

Day one

I slept late today as I’m hoping lots of sleep is going to bring my energy levels back up a bit. I had only eaten an apple and had the L1 juice yesterday evening so managed a good fast as well. I didn’t feel hungry at all so really enjoyed a refreshing clementine, ginger, orange, lemon and echinacea shot and L1 juice for late breakfast.

However, I have spent the last month always looking forward to the next meal because it was some of Anita’s food so I’m having to re-adjust my brain a bit not to think about food. The good news is that eating Youjuice plant-based food has stopped me craving food and getting really hungry. I just eat because it’s a meal time and the food is amazing.

I didn’t start feeling hungry until about 2pm but then fell asleep until four and had an R2 juice (beetroot, apple, carrot, ginger, lemon, celery and parsley) when I woke up. The hunger pangs had gone again and I finished my day at 9pm with a clementine shot and a large bottle of L2 juice (spirulina, apple, pineapple, kale, celery, lemon, cucumber and avocado).

A much-needed very lazy day and I haven’t really missed food at all. I have, however really enjoyed the feeling of being super healthy!

Day two

I still wasn’t feeling hungry when I woke up so was really happy with a sunshine breakfast of a clementine shot and an R3 juice (carrot, apple, ginger and lemon).

Lunch was an R2 juice. My stomach rumbles every so often but it doesn’t feel particularly odd not having eaten. It’s that satisfying rumbling you get when you’re on a diet and you know it means you’re cutting down! A friend gave me a tip of chewing the juice before swallowing and it’s great!

I had an R2 juice at lunchtime and then the wonderful Anita arrived mid afternoon with a joyful delivery! She fed me an R3 juice immediately, then restocked my fridge with a generous amount of juices for the next couple of days and instructions to drink plenty.

As a major treat I have two bottles of almond milk, nut butter, cacao nib, cinnamon, maca root, date and banana smoothie. And yes, it is as amazing as it sounds! I had one of them plus a ginger, lemon and apple shot with an R3 juice.

I am really enjoying juicing so far!

Day three

I finally felt hungry today! Not until later in the day but by 6 o’clock I really was hungry.

I started the day with a large bottle of L1 and a ginger shot. At lunchtime I had a small bottle of R3 and L1.

I went off piste a bit this afternoon at Redroaster coffee shop and had a coconut, pineapple, chilli and ginger juice which was lovely but tasted quite sweet!

I was so happy there was another bottle of the smoothie in the fridge as it really satisfied my hunger pangs. I had half of it along with a large R2 juice. I must admit I did struggle to drink the juice. I wasn’t really feeling the beetroot this evening!

But all in all feeling good. My energy levels are picking up again and I love the fact that I haven’t eaten for three days now. It feels good…

Day four

I started the day with a large bottle of L2 and a ginger shot. I really noticed how densely packed with fruit and veg the L2 juice is this morning. My tastebuds are quite heightened and I was very aware of the texture of the juice. I think it might be the spirulina.

I missed food for the first time today – I wasn’t really hungry as such but really fancied Anita’s crunchy kale chips. I can’t stop thinking about them!

I had a small L2 juice and the other half of the smoothie for lunch and then a large L2 and a large R2 later on.

I must confess to feeling a little juiced out by the end of the day today but along with that still feeling good about just juicing.

Day five

A bit of background to the week I’m having this week; I am selling my flat and don’t know yet where I’m going to be living. I am therefore selling pretty much everything from my flat and spent yesterday receiving and responding to messages from Facebook Marketplace for over 12 hours! My friend was in the flat receiving buyers and sending them on the way with my belongings. It was successful but absolutely exhausting!

Today, I went back to my place of work to meet my line manager to discuss my ill-health retirement. It was nice to be back and see some of my colleagues, but it was another day of goodbyes and clearing my desk.

By the time I got back I was absolutely exhausted. Quite a couple of days! But beyond the exhaustion, the juicing has given me a buzz and a real feelgood factor. Physically it has been an interesting week as well. I started taking CBD oil a couple of weeks ago and there has been a real reduction in the spasms, particularly at night. I really feel that juicing and CBD are doing me good. My body is calmer and stronger.

Today I had a pomegranate, ginger, apple, lemongrass and beetroot shot plus an R3 juice (carrot, apple, ginger and lemon) first thing.

In the middle of the day I had an R0 juice (carrot, beetroot, coriander, red pepper, cucumber, lemon and Himalayan salt). Medicine as much as a meal!

In the evening I had a C2 juice (butternut squash, chilli, turmeric, orange and grapefruit), which really picked me up after my exhausting couple of days.

Day six

I started the day with an absolutely delicious R3 juice and a pomegranate shot. But I knew that I was going out for lunch with friends and had made the decision to eat some food. I did feel guilty that I hadn’t made seven days of juicing but also had a feeling that my body was ready for food again.

I chose a spring vegetable soup at lunch and was immediately disappointed that it was nowhere near as good as any of Anita’s soups so didn’t enjoy it very much. I was very full very quickly. But I didn’t have any dramatic reaction to food again. Just a tinge of regret that the juicing was over.

Anita brought me another delivery this evening and once again have a fridge full of joy! Still plenty of juices but a breakfast bowl and couple of salads. Plus amazing smoothies! Oh, and as it’s Friday Anita brought me raw pizza which was gorgeous.

So, today after the breakfast juices I have had soup, a bottle of number three smoothie and a generous slice of raw pizza. I’m stuffed!

So, my juicing diet is over and I am so pleased I did it! I have realised how nutritious juices are and how the body can adjust to not eating food. It felt good to have the control and lose the dependence on constantly thinking about what to eat next.

I have had no ill effects from stopping the antidepressants and my mood and self-esteem are good. The juices can only have helped.

I feel it was an important part of my detox journey and I feel differently again about food. I am going to really enjoy eating again but I’m even more set on vegan, natural, raw food making up the majority of my diet.

My tastebuds are more refined and I am more in tune to what my body needs. Chatting to Anita this evening she was definitely right not to have put me on a juice diet from the start and she also explained because of my lack of mobility my body processes food around the body in a less efficient way, which makes perfect sense and would explain some of my lack of energy.

The clean, healthy feeling of detox can’t be beaten. I wanted to lose some weight and feel better about myself. I’m not even really interested in whether I’ve lost weight. I continue to feel stronger physically and emotionally and my amazing Youjuice journey continues 💚

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