Being your own Valentine 💚

At this time of year when the focus is on whether or not we are loved enough for cards and roses, should we not be checking in on ourselves first?

My need for self-care actually came from having to surrender to full physical care. It took away the control I had over my ability to exercise and decide what I was going to eat and drink.

The hospital, the nursing home and my MS were in charge of my medication and diet after my symptoms had progressed.

Once I had my strength back I felt very strongly that I wanted that control back and I knew that looking after myself meant sorting out my body the best I could!

I felt toxic. Post-hospital and post-Christmas was a combination I wanted out of my system. I was full of drugs, institutional meals and comfort foods. My body was craving fresh, unprocessed food. I was piling on the weight and did not feel good about myself at all. I turned to Anita at Youjuice for help.

A month later and I’m feeling great! That decision to take back control and invite someone who understands the effects and benefits of particular foods on the gut, immune system and mental health have helped me rediscover what it means to look after myself and be looked after. Good food, fresh air and surrounding myself with friends and family is the love I need.

I may be single this Valentine’s day but I am stronger, losing weight, coming off the antidepressants and finding energy for the world and people around me.

In the words of the indomitable RuPaul; ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’

‘Can I get an amen?’

And if you’re concerned that self-love involves self-denial think again! Raw banoffee pie is about as indulgent as it gets. Happy Valentine’s Day 💚

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